Friday, December 14

For Whom It May Concern

It May Concern You
Thy qualling toad-spotted miscreant hath a beef-witted pignut.
Thy spleeny hasty-witted skainsmate hath a pox-marked hedge-pig.
Thou art a mammering pox-marked malt-worm.
Thou art a spongy motley-minded baggage.
Thou art a fawning dizzy-eyed whey-face.
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Sunday, December 9

I Also Prefer Dogs To People

A dog obviously has a Buddha Nature, but what about a cockroach?

There's A Difference Between Lonliness

And Being Alone
I'm not anti-social as much as I'm contra-social. Even maintaining a strong sense of non-approachability with sunglasses and an unmarked dark gray baseball cap over Jeffrey Dahmer inspired facial hair, invariably some stupid brave soul feels compelled to interact with me and thus prove what a loathsome excuse for breathing they happen to be. I am rarely surprised by their stupidity, cupidity, arrogance or ignorance. Par for the fricken course. Certainly I have "anger issues," but I have them firmly in control, so let's (myself and I) go get a drink, eh? Groovy...

A “Friend” Writes

I hope I was right about you're reaction to the Johnny Sneer Twitter account, and also that after our conversation you either understood or at least regained a broader context with which to mediate your initial, visceral reaction. While completely unsurprising, it was nevertheless gloomier than warranted: and please note my use of the comparative. It would be unrealistic and irresponsible not to recognize the dark undertow coursing through the above link, but I'm afraid it is an honest, organic reflection of our era.

Having been nurtured in Augean stables of pandemic mendacity and industrial-strength hypocrisy, this demographic tends to exhibit everything from varying degrees of unconscious contempt to unqualified disrespect for their society and much of what it celebrates and rewards. Bertolt Brecht comes to mind. So if you can't brighten or channel our Mr. Sneer's stream, you might consider adding to it and influencing it in a way that respects his autonomy without relinquishing the prerogatives of your intellectual rigor or altruistic intent. N'est–ce pas?